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Welcome to our Online Self Help Site!

I dedicate the contents and teachings of these webpages to many teachers who have spent their life researching and offering their life to help others. These work are the blessings of original teacher - God or Mother Spirit, Jiro Murai who spent his life researching this material, Mary Burmeister the founder of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inc; who brought this teaching to America and the world, all her trainees and teachers especially Wayne, Anita, Jed and especially Betsy who made this very easy by making the application practical, Art of Living founder and spiritual teacher Sri Sri RaviShanker who teaches stress reduction breathing techniques, My spiritual friend and all my spiritual friends especially Mahaguruji Mei Ling who teaches Arhatic Yoga and Pranic healing, my spiritual teacher Master Choa Kok Sui who is a wonderful guide, excellent researcher and brings all spiritual essense to the world and simplifies ancient teachings. Master Choa says the more you understand the easier it is to simplify things.

I also dedicate this work to Dr. Norm Shealy - founder of American Board of Holistic Medicine and teacher of Sacred Rings and finally the point of care - Mr. Shayne Lopes a kid who had only 20 years of physical presence in this world who passed away 11/22/2003 who was a computer engineer student at UMass and developed a label of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and became vent dependent and had access to internet and unable to speak except to say - "Touch Me" and asked for treatments. I felt he was sad and very grateful for this art which helped me understand what goes on with Pulse reading. I offered as treatment many flows my favorite one is Umbilical flow which put him and many of my patients and friends to sleep. I did Dr. Shealy's Ring of Fire for restoration of life force, Ring of earth to put him to sleep, Ring of water when he became edematous with his failing heart. I had a patient with label brain cancer who needed to attend his son's wedding. I did Ring of crystal so he could have enough energy to travel for the wedding - he said he felt his whole body while the treatment was being done. I have done Ring of Air for people who are enraged this calms them and helps them get rid of their anger. I spoke to Dr. Norm Shealy on October 11th 2003 at Denver during Holistic Boards and told him Dr. Shealy when I do the treatment as acupressure - I dedicate the session to you and your spirit guide what should I call him - he laughed and said to call his spirit guide G for God. So I pass this info to you. I did Ring of Fire on my dad and after a week he woke up and said "I am getting married". These are life changing flows. So I want to share my gifts with my friends, patients, families. Let us bring our united service to do the best we can as a practitioner.

These tools are to create a safe environment for reawakening the true SELF. Being the testimony of this simple, profound Art of Living, made known to us by Mary Burmeister and Jiro Murai, we educate, harmonize and inspire ourselves and others through integrity, compassion, trust and freedom to BE...NOW KNOW MYSELF

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