Jin Shin Jyutsu is a gentle art of harmonizing life energy in the body through the power of touch, accelerating healing in a natural non-invasive, drug free manner; as a preventive measure, chronic condition relief and as emergency first aid.

     JIN SHIN JYUTSU literally translated is:
          JYUTSU - Art
          SHIN - Creator
          JIN - Person of Knowing and Compassion

Jin Shin Jyutsu is the art of releasing tensions which are the causes for various symptoms in the body. Our bodies contain several energy pathways that feed life into all of our cells. When one or more of these paths become blocked, the damming effect may lead to discomfort or even pain, which not only disrupts the local area but eventually disharmonize the complete path or paths of the energy flow.


Jin Shin Jyutsu physio-philosophy is an ancient art of harmonizing the life energy in the body. It was born of innate wisdom and passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. The Art had fallen into relative obscurity until Master Jiro Murai in Japan dramatically revived it in the early 1900ís.

After clearing himself of life threatening illness, Master Murai devoted the rest of his life to the research and development of Jin Shin Jyutsu, gathering insight from a range of experiences and resources, including the Kojiki (Record of Ancient Things). The resulting knowledge of Jin Shin Jyutsu was then given to Mary Burmeister, who brought it to the United States in the 1950's.

Mary Burmeister began teaching the Art to others in the early 1960's, and today there are thousands of students, and many practitioners, throughout the United States and around the world.

How it works

Jin Shin Jyutsu brings balance to the body's energies, which promotes optimal health and well being, and facilitates our own profound healing capacity. It is a valuable complement to conventional healing methods, inducing relaxation and reducing the effects of stress.

Jin Shin Jyutsu employs twenty-six "safety energy locks" along energy pathways that feed life into our bodies. When one or more of the paths become blocked, the resulting stagnation can disrupt the local area and eventually disharmonize the complete path of energy flow. Holding these energy locks in combination can bring balance to mind, body, and spirit.

Learning the art

Learning Jin Shin Jyutsu engages one in self-study and self-help. Through the process of "now know myselfì we recognize the wisdom of the body, and we learn to interpret the messages provided and utilize them to restore balance.

Applying the art

Jin Shin Jyutsu can be applied as self-help or by a trained practitioner. A Jin Shin Jyutsu session generally lasts about an hour. It does not involve massage, manipulation of muscles, or use of drugs or substances. It is a gentle art, practiced by placing the fingertips (over clothing) on designated safety energy locks, to harmonize and restore the energy flow. This facilitates the reduction of tension and stress, which accumulate through normal daily living.

For those with existing stress or health disharmonies, or for those simply wishing to participate actively in maintaining health, harmony and well being, the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu is a simple and powerful tool, available to all!

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