The Central Harmonizer
God's source
Overall tune up of the whole being
Balances appetite
Clears Eyes, head, throat, chest, digestive organs, pelvis, back, lymph, blood, and nervous system.
Energizes the being's life source
abdominal area problems
ALS (Lou Gerig's Disease)
appetite out of balance
back hunched
back pain
blood pressure problems
body feels heavy
chest problems
digestion problems
drug addiction
emotional imbalance
eye problems
groin pain
food doesn't seem to go down
heart attack
jet lag
lack of energy
lymph system problems
mucus congestion
pelvic problems
post abortion symptoms
pregnancy and lactation
reproduction problems
shock therapy
spinal curvature
thyroid (increase circulation)
vital life insufficiency
Lung and Large Intestine
When Blocked
Asthma, Heavy mucous production, shock, grief, rejection complex, scar tissue, negative attitude, living in the past, emotional imbalance, lying down too much, feeling damp and cold
Lung Flow
Allergies, breathing difficulties, cough, perspiring when asleep, skin problems, back and shoulders chilly, throat tension, good for those in transition
Large Intestine Flow
Arms aching or numb, problems with bowels and gums, bursitis, nose bleed, shoulders ache, tennis elbow, toothaches, wrists/fingers swollen or numb
Stomach and Spleen
When Blocked
Worry, mental chaos, addictions/co-dependency, depression, hate, constant talking, over eating, food aversions, excessively self protective, excessively mental, nostalgic, obessive behavior, digestion, forgetfulness, allergies, lips and mouth dry, stomach pain, sitting too much
Stomach Flow
Bloat, gas, breast pain, food aversions, gums teeth and jaws, knee cap swollen/painful, middle finger stiff, muscle tense, neck tension, nose stuffy, sinuses
Spleen Flow
Blood, craving sweets, fatique, diverticulitis/colitis, food doesn't seem to descend, muscle toning, pregnancy, reproductive organ stress, throat, vomiting, yawning, yeast/vaginal discharge
Heart and Small Intestine
When Blocked
Crying on the inside while laughing on the outside, circulatory system, blood, complexion, masking feelings, insecurity, confusion, trying too hard, nervous system, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, hyperactivity, pacing
Heart Flow
Cataracts, high blood pressure, hair loss, learning disabilities, nervous system problems, red complexion, eyes yellow, spiritual unrest
Small Intestine Flow
Ankles swollen, bloat condition, deafness, fibroid tumors, cysts, hair condition, stuttering, throat sore
Bladder and Kidney
When Blocked
Fear, mental confusion, perfectionism, groaning, timidity, clinging to life, frustation, hoarding, lack of faith, standing too much, heart pains, muscle spasms, problems with ears, bones, blood pressure, urinary system
Bladder Flow
Ankles ache, back problems, nose bleed, head/neck pain, knee caps ache, leg cramps, stiff limbs, tears flowing, sciatica, immobility
Kidney Flow
Groin pain, bloating, blood pressure, putrid body odor, diarrhea, dizzy upon standing, hair loss, hands and feet sweaty, hungry but nothing appeals, colic, reproductive organ problems, takes away excess
Diaphragm and Umbilicus
These are the life force flows which rule the basic human polarities. Critical conditions may occur when blocked
Diaphragm Flow
Blood problems, bloat below waist, blood pressure, diaphragm rigid, elbow tense, face flushed, heart problems, restlessness, excessive thirst, varicose veins
Umbilicus Flow
Bloat above waist, digestion problems, ears ringing, day dreaming, joint pain, perspiring when asleep, reproductive organ problems, fatique, senility, problems with lymph and immune system
Gall Bladder and Liver
When Blocked
Angry, irritable, cowardly, indecisive, emaciated, jealous, big sighs, addictions/co-dependency, muscles, eye stress
Gall Bladder Flow
Absorption inadequate, bitter taste in mouth, digestion stress, headaches on side, unable to turn to the side when lying down, chest, underarm, anterior ankle, shin, knee and joint pain
Liver Flow
Abdominal pains, allergies, blood problems, can't swallow, chest full and tight, choking feeling, fatigue, gout, hips ache, migranes, nausea, skin problems, stiff neck, reproductive problems