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Welcome to our Online Self Help Site!

Self-help is the birth and core of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Through self-help, Jiro Murai first proved the efficiency of the Art to himself and from his self-healing, began the journey of its rediscovery. In self-help, the student receives the empowering message through experience that he or she can actually be self-sufficient.

Mary Burmeister who, in years of study and dedication, further condensed the essence of the teachings of the Art to provide the student, advanced or neophyte, with the dynamic tools for self-sufficiency.

These tools are to create a safe environment for reawakening the true SELF. Being the testimony of this simple, profound Art of Living, made known to us by Mary Burmeister and Jiro Murai, we educate, harmonize and inspire ourselves and others through integrity, compassion, trust and freedom to BE...NOW KNOW MYSELF

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